BLUESHIFT, helping you navigate to a more sustainable future.

Blueshift is an agency specialised in sustainability consultancy. The business world has changed. Any kind of organisation has now a role to play to embed sustainability in its working practice, not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it is simply good business sense.

At the crossroads of sport and communication, Blueshift cover the three strands of Sustainability: people, profit and planet. We have created solutions for your professional sport event to be more sustainable, for your brand to create meaningful programs and for your NGO to flourish in a more sustainable way. Learn more about us. Blueshift offer valuable consultancy within this area, providing the guidance and the tools helping you navigate to a more sustainable future…


At the crossroad of Sport, Communication and Sustainability,Blueshift provides helps brands, NGOs and sporting bodies in their sustainable voyage.



Because WE, as citizens, voters or consumers cannot ignore poignant facts any longer, we are burning our planet and we are forgetting our people...



We can help your business promote sustainable services you and your employees will reap the rewards from, for years to come.


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